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A Crazy News Story Leads To A Weird Question

A flight to Hawaii recently had an engine explode mid-flight which caused a lot of damage, but miraculously no injuries!  Anna and Raven asked what their craziest plane story was, and what one entire plane saw on the tarmac caused a major freak out! Catch up with the podcast and what’s your craziest plane story?Continue Reading

Life Hacks

Tik Tok Life Hacks That Work?

Earlier Anna & Raven tried some life hacks they saw on Tik Tok that didn’t quite work. They were determined to find some that would work so they looked up a few more! Image Source: Getty ImagesContinue Reading


Could You Carry Me!?

Ashley Judd suffered a leg injury in the Congolese rain forest and had to be carried out, which makes us wonder…Could Anna & Raven carry one another out of the studio in an emergency situation?Continue Reading

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