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Anna Teaches Raven How To Curtsy

During their interview with Oprah, Meghan said she wasn’t aware she had to curtly for the Queen. Anna fancies herself a bit of a professional when it comes to this (thanks to watching “The Crown”) and wanted to teach Raven how.Continue Reading

Doctor showing anatomical spine to his patient

But Does It Work?

There is never a shortage of new or unique ideas when it comes to Tik Tok, but this new method of cracking someone’s back seems unreal. Let’s see if it works as well as people claim it does! What is your go-to method to crack your back? Image Source: Getty ImagesContinue Reading

Student aiming paper plane at teacher writing on blackboard

Dumb Reasons To Get Into Trouble At School

Earlier this morning we asked you for the dumbest reason you’ve gotten in trouble in school. Anna & Raven just had to share their answers too! Would you have ever guessed they could be such rebels? Image Source: Getty ImagesContinue Reading