:60 Behind The Scenes


What’s in Your Car?

Sometimes we keep thing’s in our vehicles that make perfect sense to have! Other times…not so much. We asked Raven to show us what he keeps in his car that would require some explanation!Continue Reading

Happy couple in love, bride and groom cuddle and look at each other

Your First Dance During Your Wedding

We asked earlier this morning if you could remember your wedding song, but we are also curious of how your first dance went. Anna & Raven fill you in on what they did for theirs! Did they go above and beyond or keep their first dances simple? Image Source: Getty ImagesContinue Reading


A Crazy News Story Leads To A Weird Question

A flight to Hawaii recently had an engine explode mid-flight which caused a lot of damage, but miraculously no injuries!  Anna and Raven asked what their craziest plane story was, and what one entire plane saw on the tarmac caused a major freak out! Catch up with the podcast and what’s your craziest plane story?Continue Reading

Life Hacks

Tik Tok Life Hacks That Work?

Earlier Anna & Raven tried some life hacks they saw on Tik Tok that didn’t quite work. They were determined to find some that would work so they looked up a few more! Image Source: Getty ImagesContinue Reading


Could You Carry Me!?

Ashley Judd suffered a leg injury in the Congolese rain forest and had to be carried out, which makes us wonder…Could Anna & Raven carry one another out of the studio in an emergency situation?Continue Reading