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Choice Pet Pet Pals- Thumper the Angora rabbit!

Angora rabbits are beautiful with their long flowing locks, and as a result they do need daily grooming. Angora experience preferred. Rabbits make wonderfully social family pets! However, be sure to familiarize yourself with their care and enrichment needs before adopting. You can find out more about Thumper by visiting CT Humane Society’s website or…Continue Reading

The Anna & Raven Show Trick or Treat Day Bill:

Trick or Treat Day Bill 253 goes to Capitol Hill! Now is the time for action if you want to create a Trick or Treat Day that would fall on the last Saturday of October (NOT changing Halloween, making a separate day just for the kids to go out to collect candy) we would appreciate…Continue Reading


Raven’s Choice Pet Pals- Contessa the Chihuahua!

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Meet Contessa! I’m a 10yo 18lb chihuahua mix and I’m a lady of leisure. My favorite things are letting you take me for walks, letting you cuddle with me for naps and letting you give me lots belly rubs! One more thing- I’ve been told I look sad- but I’m…Continue Reading

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