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Anna & Raven Award Show Bucket Challenge: Golden Globes

This Sunday is the Golden Globes which kicks off The Anna and Raven Award Show Bucket Challenge! We’ve selected three random actors to win their respective categories… if they do, there will be consequences! For those of you who want to play at home and draw your own challenges here are the remaining options from the bucket!…Continue Reading

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Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Hope the Shorthair Cat!

I have not had much experience with children but am willing to consider sharing my home with kids who can be gentle and respectful of pets. I have not had much experience with cats or dogs but am willing to consider sharing my home with a furry friend. I am a quiet and reserved kitty.…Continue Reading

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals: Balto

Raven’s Choice Pet​ Pet Pals- Meet Balto! He is a handsome 5 year old Chow mix who is on a mission to find his forever family! Balto is a true gentleman who will make a great companion.  He’s outgoing, friendly and ready to accompany you on all of your adventures. He walks well on leash…Continue Reading

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pal: Harrison

Harrison is a sweet 4-year-old brindle boy who soaks up every ounce of affection he can get! When you come meet him and look at that face, you’ll fall in love on the spot. He’s happiest when he’s giving kisses and rolling over on the floor for a belly rub. He came to the Connecticut…Continue Reading


Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pal: Pepito!

Couch Potato Pepito is a 10-pound 10-year-oldo neutered Min Pin. He is fully house trained, vaccinated and microchipped. He doesn’t have many teeth and has vision loss in his right eye but he eats and gets around without any deficit at all. Pepito loves eating, walking and car rides but his 3 favorite things are…Continue Reading

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