Mundane Mysteries

Mundane Mysteries

There are a lot of things that happen in the world that make you wonder “Why is it like that?” Kevin Begley is here to answer these questions and solve these Mundane Mysteries.

Tune in weekdays at 2:45pm to find out answers to questions you never knew you had.


MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why do cicadas make that weird loud noise?

Brace yourself… the cicadas are coming. After 17 years underground trillions of the most annoying bug on the planet are about to resurface and torture all of us. You know the ones, they look gross and make that crazy sound. The cicada is actually singing when it makes the noise. Their internal tymbal muscles contract…Continue Reading

Peanut butter in an open jar and peanuts in the skin are scattered on the blue table. Space for text.

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Does peanut butter cure the hiccups?

A friend of mine told me he does this to cure the hiccups and it works every time… peanut butter. But is this actually true? And why does it work? I found out for you. Turns out he’s actually right. Peanut butter is digested very slowly by the body. The slow digestion process actually changes…Continue Reading

Giant Panda (18 months) - Ailuropoda melanoleuca

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why is the Worldwide Wildlife Fund logo a panda bear?

This is very random I know, but I’ve always wondered why the Worldwide Wildlife Fund chose a panda bear as their logo. Out of all the wildlife they could’ve picked. For #WorldWildlifeDay, we’re imagining a #WorldWithoutNature by removing the iconic panda from our logo. Nature loss impacts every aspect of our lives, and our relationship…Continue Reading

TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD: TV News Crew Saves Stolen Dog While Doing Segment

TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD: TV News Crew Saves Stolen Dog While Doing Segment

Talk about crazy odds. what are the chances that while reporting on a stolen dog story, the TV news crew comes across the person who stole the dog while DOING the segment?! Pretty good apparently if you ask this Massachusetts news crew.

That’s exactly what went down as they were covering a story about a stolen dog on Saturday. They suddenly happened to see a guy walking the dog that fit the description, confronted him, called the cops, and got him arrested. Wow! Great work news team. They should all get a bonus this month.


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MUDANE MYSTERIES: Why are hotel towel and sheets always white?

MUDANE MYSTERIES: Why are hotel towel and sheets always white?

Now that things are starting to open up a bit more and people are traveling again you’re probably going to be spending more time in hotel rooms this summer. One thing you’ll notice is how the towels and sheets are normally always white. Why is that?

The main reason is that white gives off a sense of cleanliness making the bed and room feel fresh. They also give an impression of luxury even if it’s not a high end hotel. There is also a more practical reason. Doing the laundry. Think about it… if all the bed linens, towels, and any other dirty laundry can all be washed together because it’s all white. They don’t have to worry about any colors bleeding together.

You will 100% think of this the next time you check into that hotel room.


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Win a code for A Night With Bebe Rexha: The Better Mistakes Livestream Concert

Win a code for A Night With Bebe Rexha: The Better Mistakes Livestream Concert

Listen to Kevin Begley all this week to play “I Should Have Known That” at 4:30pm to win a code to watch A Night With Bebe Rexha: The Better Mistakes Livestream Concert Thursday, May 20 at 9 p.m.

Contest Line: 800-330-9999

“A Night With Bebe Rexha: The Better Mistakes Livestream Concert.”
This is the first time Bebe will perform the much awaited music from her album: Better Mistakes.
The stream will be available to watch for 24 hours after it airs.


Excuses You Use When Getting Pulled Over

Excuses You Use When Getting Pulled Over

There are some excuses that people use when they’re pulled over for speeding that almost gets them out of a ticket…and unfortunately for Anna, someone should have told her these years ago since what she says has NEVER gotten her out of a ticket. Check out the podcast.

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Things to Know Monday May 10th

Things to Know Monday May 10th

Pipeline cyberattack could impact gas prices WFSB

Applebee’s offering ‘Apps For Apps’ – free appetizer with job application CT Post

Arrowhead found in Monroe backyard hints at Connecticut’s ancient history CT Post

John Oliver features CT state senator in segment about hair CT Post

VIDEO: Moose strolls through UConn campus WFSB

Norwalk Hospital plants garden to honor COVID-19 staff The Hour

At high risk of leukemia, longtime Darien deli owner seeks community’s help Stamford Advocate

Lamont: 70% of CT adults have received a COVID shot Stamford Advocate

Some seeing effect on facial filler after getting COVID-19 vaccination WTNH

Yale Law School Clinic set to release major report on pandemic-era nursing home conditions WTNH

Photo credit: Colonial Pipeline/Handout via REUTERS./File Photo

Monday May 10, 2021: Accidental Purchase; Raid Raven’s Phone; What You Did After Your Divorce

Monday May 10, 2021: Accidental Purchase; Raid Raven’s Phone; What You Did After Your Divorce

How many times have you been pulled over?  How many of those times have you gotten away with it?  Raven ends up with a ticket 90% of the time he gets pulled over, but Anna found a list of the top 3 excuses to tell a cop when you get pulled over, so maybe that will help!  (:30)

Are you up to date on what’s trending?  Don’t worry, Anna and Raven have already read the entire internet, and can get you up to speed!  This morning the current trends are; Elon Musk’s surprise SNL announcement, Kentucky Derby Winner Medina Spirit, and Nurse Appreciation Week.  Why?  Anna and Raven will explain!  (3:12)

When your Ex gets married, that can be a painful experience, but if you ruin her special day by doing THIS, that’s all I need to know about you!  (7:04)

What’s the best thing that happened to you this weekend?  What about the worst?  Out of nowhere, Anna’s dog has started having accidents all over the house, but the great gift one mom got over the weekend might be enough to improve her mood!  (10:39)

What if you could go through your friend’s phone and read all their texts?  What would you find out?  That’s exactly what Anna gets to do in “Raid Raven’s Phone”!  Anna goes through Raven’s phone and reads his text messages out loud on the air.  Her impression of Raven’s voice is hysterical!  (17:22)

Has your child ever accidentally bought something online?  A 4 year old boy has gone viral for ordering over 2K dollars’ worth of Spongebob popsicles!  But at least that’s a wholesome mistake, one mom called in with a story about her teenage son buying something a little less innocent!  (21:11)

Whats the first thing you did after you got divorced?  Bill and Melinda Gates are getting a divorce and when there’s this much money involved, things are bound to get weird.  But Anna was still surprised by the first thing Melinda did after the announcement!  (26:40)

Couples Court: Dan and Elise are getting married and his brother (also his best man) has asked if they would be okay with him proposing to his girlfriend during the wedding. He wants to do a flash mob dance and include both the groom and the bride. Bride (Elise) says no way, it’s taking away from their wedding day! Dan says it’s his brother and it’ll be so fun! Don’t ruin it for everyone! Whose side are you on?  (33:37)

Karen thinks she’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can she end his winning streak and win the $500 jackpot?  (40:54)

The Pup Brunch at the SoNo Collection

The Pup Brunch at the SoNo Collection

Join Raven Sunday at The SoNo Collection to kick off The Pup Brunch from 12-2pm!

Get the furry friends together for a pup-friendly play date! Bring your four-legged friends and join us for a barking brunch session from 12PM–4PM. Sit outdoors and enjoy eats from Pinstripes while your dogs sip on yummy puppuccinos at our Pup Park. Discover a fun-filled day of games, giveaways, photo ops, and more!

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Sundays | 12PM – 4PM
May 16
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