There are a lot of things that happen in the world that make you wonder “Why is it like that?” Kevin Begley is here to answer these questions and solve these Mundane Mysteries.

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Bowl of M&M's in a bed. Disconnection moment on the bed. Self care concept. Rest and enjoy moment. Detail.

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: What do the M’s in M&M’s stand for?

You’ve probably eaten M&M’s a million times, but have you ever wondered what the M’s actually stand for? Each one stands for one of the two creators of the candy, Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie. They were the two businessmen who originally created the candy-coated chocolates. The two actually butted heads a lot back in…Continue Reading

Elbow pain - conceptual artwork - 3d Illustration

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why does it hurt to hit your funny bone?

It’s happened to everyone. It just happened to me the other day actually. You bang that little part of your elbow against something, “the funny bone”, and feel the weirdest sensation. But there is nothing funny about it. So why is it called that? and why does it happen? The funny bone got its nickname…Continue Reading

White snowplow service truck with orange lights and yellow plow blade clearing residential roads of snow while flakes are still falling

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why is a blizzard different from a snowstorm?

With all this snow on the ground it’s a good time to figure out the difference between a snowstorm and a blizzard. Snowstorm: Can involve snow, sleet, ice, or freezing rain and usually has freezing temperatures. Snowstorms can be dangerous because of the driving conditions and hazardous elements. Blizzard: Unlike the delicious treat from DQ…Continue Reading


MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why are no two snowflakes exactly the same?

Trick question! This is actually a myth. Back in 1988, a scientist actually found two identical snow crystals. They came from a snow storm in Wisconsin. So next time someone says that you can hit them with this snow knowledge. Good luck searching through all these flakes that fell last night here in Connecticut. There’s…Continue Reading

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MUNDANE MYSTERY: Why does snow look white?

We about to get walloped with a huge snow storm so today’s mystery is why does snow look white?  There’s actually a real scientific reason that snow is white. What happens is light scatters and bounces off the ice crystals in the snow. The reflected light has all the colors in it which when together looks…Continue Reading

Pure Happiness and Joy

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why do dogs have whiskers?

One of the many mysteries of man’s best friend. Why do dogs have whiskers? The whiskers on a dog are very different from all the other hair that is on their body. Besides them being long and stiff, the whisker hairs are also packed with nerves in the follicles that go deep into their skin.…Continue Reading