There are a lot of things that happen in the world that make you wonder “Why is it like that?” Kevin Begley is here to answer these questions and solve these Mundane Mysteries.

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A hand from a mosquito bite. Mosquito drinking blood

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: What makes mosquitos bite us?

It’s summertime which means it’s also feeding season for mosquitos. But what makes a mosquito want to bit us humans anyway? There are a few interesting factors that attract these summer pain in the neck’s to certain people. First is that mosquitoes like biting people with type O blood more than any other blood type. …Continue Reading

Alligator resting on log

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Can alligators climb trees?

This might be the most terrifying answer I’ve ever researched. Not only are alligators scary enough as it is while they are crawling around in swaps… they can actually climb too!? Even though they have short limbs they are still able to climb up a tree. The just need the tree to be on enough…Continue Reading

Wild Peacock goes in dark forest with Feathers Out

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why is the NBC logo a peacock?

You’ve seen it a million times when you’re watching NBC. The colorful peacock logo. But what made them pick that? Such a random choice for a TV Network. Back in 1956 NBC created its peacock logo because peacocks are multicolored.  RCA who owned NBC at the time did this as a sneaky marketing move hoping…Continue Reading

Realistic 3D illustration colorful firework pyrotechnic night dark sky with smoke on isolated black background wallpaper use celebrate happy new year 2021 countdown festival anniversary birthday party

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: How do fireworks get their color?

This one is a simple trip down chemistry class memory lane! The colors in fireworks are created by the use of metal salts. The metal salt compounds produce intense colors when they are burned, which is what makes them perfect for pretty fireworks. There are a few other things in there too that make them…Continue Reading

Coffee cup coffee beans

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Where does all the coffee come from?

We drink it every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. But where do we get all the coffee from here in the U.S.? Funny enough, only two states actually produce coffee here in America. Hawaii and California. Which makes sense since you see a lot of Hawaiian and Californian blends. Otherwise, almost 90% of the…Continue Reading

roni life

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Is pepperoni an Italian food?

I’ve always though my whole life pepperoni was an Italian food… it’s actually not! WHAAAAAT?! Pepperoni is in fact an American food.  Mind blown. In Italian, the word “peperoni” with one “P” is the word for bell peppers and there’s no salami type item named “pepperoni” with two “P’s” that is commonly used as a…Continue Reading