There are a lot of things that happen in the world that make you wonder “Why is it like that?” Kevin Begley is here to answer these questions and solve these Mundane Mysteries.

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goldfish jumping out of the water from a crowded bowl

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Is it true that goldfish have no memory?

There is a common myth about goldfish that their memory is only a span of about three seconds. If you’ve seen Finding Nemo or Finding Dory you’re very familiar with his theory. But this is not exactly true according to some scientists. It was been proven that a goldfish’s memory is nowhere near as short…Continue Reading

Pirate with flag on beach

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why do pirates wear earrings?

Pirates do a lot of wacky things. But one staple of every pirate it seems is wearing lots of jewelry. Especially earrings. Why is that? A few reasons actually. First, is that back in the day lots of sailors and pirates collected trinkets from their travels which they made into earrings to show off how…Continue Reading

Lobsters in an aquarium of fish shop

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: What do lobsters eat?

We all love to eat delicious lobsters… but what do THEY eat? Themselves! Yup, that’s right. Lobsters are cannibals.  When they’re hungry and looking for food, they’ll happily eat another lobster without even thinking twice about it. Which I totally get. I mean, have you ever had a warm drawn butter lobster roll here in…Continue Reading


MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why do golfers yell “FORE!”?

I went on The Anna and Raven Show this morning to teach them about golf terms they should know for the big Star 99.9 Maritime Chevrolet Anna and Raven Open coming up July 16th. (sign up to play here) They asked me why golfers tell “FORE!” all the time. If you golf you know that…Continue Reading