There are a lot of things that happen in the world that make you wonder “Why is it like that?” Kevin Begley is here to answer these questions and solve these Mundane Mysteries.

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Watermelon cut in half

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Is Watermelon a fruit?

Now that it’s getting hot out it’s time for the perfect summer treat… watermelon! Over the weekend while enjoying a delicious slice I was wondering if it’s a fruit or not? It is right? WRONG! Watermelons are actually a vegetable? They belong to the cucumber family. Who knew?! Cucumbers, pickles and watermelons all related. There’s…Continue Reading

Raw Organic Orange Baby Carrots

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Where do baby carrots come from?

Seems like a silly question, but I’ve always wondered! Do baby carrots grow on their own? Do they make them by hand? How do they get to that delicious snacking shape? Well according to Food Network, baby carrots first hit the food scene in the 1980s as the brainchild of a California farmer who felt…Continue Reading

blank billboard

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why are there no billboards in Vermont?

We have plenty of billboards here in Connecticut. Certain parts of Long Island are billboard free and places like Vermont have zero billboards. Why is that? Vermont was actually the first of four different states to ban billboards back in 1968. The others are Maine, Hawaii, and Alaska. Instead Vermont uses travel information signs along…Continue Reading

Broadway sign

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: What makes a show or play “off-Broadway”?

Broadway has announced that shows will be coming back this September which is very exciting. I always thought the difference between Broadway and Off-Broadway shows was the location, turns out it’s not. It’s all based on the the size of the theater actually. Anything 500 seats is considered Broadway. 100 to 499 seats is “Off-Broadway”…Continue Reading

Office worker hand using computer mouse

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why is a computer mouse called a mouse?

You’re probably using one right now. The reason it’s called a mouse is pretty obvious. It’s small and quick and the cord that connects to the computer is similar to the mouse’s tail. But did you know that it wasn’t always named after this famous rodent? Early versions of what we all know as the…Continue Reading

two people shaking hands

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why do we shake hands?

Now that things are starting to slowly get back to normal people are starting to shake hands again. I shook someone’s hand at lunch today for the first time in months and it felt amazing. But why do we even shake hands in the first place? Where did it start and why? The concept of…Continue Reading

Young magician showing tricks using cards from deck. Close up.

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Can a Magician’s magic tricks be trademarked?

You’ve seen all the famous magicians blow your mind before. David Blaine, Criss Angel, David Copperfield, all doing the most fascinating magic tricks right before our eyes. But can they actually protect them under law? The answer is… not really. There is currently no copyright or patent protection on magic tricks from a legal standpoint. If…Continue Reading

Closeup of sandwich with fresh plum jam

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: What’s the difference between Jam and Jelly?

Whether you’re having toast for breakfast with some nice jam or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, both are very tasty. But what’s the difference between Jam and Jelly? Jam is made by mashing up fruit into chunks and the into the “jam”. Jelly is actually made with fruit juice instead of the fruits themselves.…Continue Reading