There are a lot of things that happen in the world that make you wonder “Why is it like that?” Kevin Begley is here to answer these questions and solve these Mundane Mysteries.

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At the Supermarket: Man in a Hurry Pushes Shopping Cart full of Items, He's Walking Through Different Section of the Big Bright Mall.

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why are there no windows in grocery stores?

Next time you’re shopping for milk and eggs take a look around the store. No windows! But why? It’s part of the retail shopping psychology. The strategy being to create a shopping environment where people feel comfortable to spend both a lot of time and money. Same idea as a casino. Having no windows creates…Continue Reading

Young woman with pain on finger

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Do your fingers have muscles?

Today’s mystery involves your hands. Look down at them… do those fingers you’re typing with have muscles? The answer is no. There are no muscles in your fingers. They are actually controlled by muscles in your palms and arms. I guess that’s why it’s so easy to break a finger. Because it’s all just bone…Continue Reading

2020-02-21T173241Z_1134833216_RC255F9719HU_RTRMADP_3_OLYMPICS-2020-BARBIE (1)

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: What is Barbie’s full name?

You may have seen this story lately, how Mattel is offering to buy back old Barbie dolls in exchange for credit to buy a new one or something else on their site That got me thinking. Does Barbie have a full name? Or is it just simply “Barbie”? She does have one come to find out,…Continue Reading

Shot of a stethoscope ,glove and mask lying on top of a white table

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Who invented the stethoscope? and why?

I thought of this Mundane Mystery the other day as my 2-year-old daughter was running around the house “checking” us all with her toy stethoscope. It’s such an odd tool. Who invented it and why does it look so odd? The person who invented the tool was a guy named Rene Laennec. He was a…Continue Reading


MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why do cicadas make that weird loud noise?

Brace yourself… the cicadas are coming. After 17 years underground trillions of the most annoying bug on the planet are about to resurface and torture all of us. You know the ones, they look gross and make that crazy sound. The cicada is actually singing when it makes the noise. Their internal tymbal muscles contract…Continue Reading