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Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Penny Lane!

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Penny Lane is 10 TONS of personality wrapped in a 5lb package! She is a 10yo teacup chi/minpin mix- found on the streets fending for herself. She is fine with other dogs- can take them or leave them and good with kids who have dog experience or are +12 years…Continue Reading


Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Dora!

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Meet Dora! She is a 3 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix who is just enthusiastic about life! She is a gorgeous champagne color, as sweet as they come and looking for a new best friend. Dora is a medium energy girl who is silly, outgoing and friendly. Dora enjoys…Continue Reading


Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Cage the Terrier Mix!

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Meet Cage! He’s an excited terrier mix with lots of energy! He prefers teenagers and a home with terrier experience, and if you’re an active household, this is the guy for you! You can find out more about Cage at Danbury Animal Welfare Society!    Continue Reading

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Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Gordon!

Meet Gordon! He is a 4 year old Miniature Pinscher mix who is looking for a place to call home! He is a handsome fella who walks well on leash and knows some basic commands. Gordon is energetic, outgoing and friendly. He is always happy to see you and greets everyone with a serious tail…Continue Reading

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Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Simon the chihuahua mix

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Simon is a male 2 year old chihuahua mix who weighs 10 pounds. He is a small dog with a big personality! He loves treats and being around people. Can be nervous meeting other dogs but then warms up. You can find out more about Simon by visiting DAWS: Danbury…Continue Reading


Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Brutus the 8 year old mix

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals is back with Brutus, the 8 year old mix! Brutus’s owner sadly passed away, hence why he is with the CT Humane Society, but he’s extremely friendly with other dogs and people, just recently neutured and LOVES snuggling. You can find out more information about Brutus by heading to…Continue Reading


Raven’s Choice Pet Pals- An update

Good news! Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals will return next week, and now more dogs, cats, and other animals that have a chance to be adopted will be showcased for potential forever homes! Thanks to Red Leash Rescue, DAWS: Danbury Animal Welfare Society, PAWS – Pet Animal Welfare Society of Norwalk, Connecticut, and the CT Humane Societyfor their help!    Continue Reading


Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- An update on Pepito

An update on Pepito, from Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals! ouch Potato Pepito is a 10-pound 10-year-oldo neutered Min Pin. He is fully house trained, vaccinated and microchipped. He has one tooth and has vision loss in his right eye but he eats and gets around without any deficit at all. Pepito loves eating, walking…Continue Reading


Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Chip the Boxador!

Chip is a healthy, happy and fully house trained. He is estimated to be 8-9yo and a appears to be a boxer/black lab mix, known as a “Boxador”… most importantly he is the perfect best friend! He’s vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and has had a recent dental. He’s happy in every situation- all he needs is…Continue Reading

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