Adoptable Pets


Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Bella and Chloe!

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Bella (brown) 8lbs and Chloe 10lbs They are 10yo sisters who have been together since birth and were surrendered to us bc their owner is terminally ill and asked us to take them into our program to bring piece of mind to the only mom they’ve ever known. They are good with…Continue Reading


Raven’s Choice Pet Pals- Esmeralda

Raven Choice Pet Pet Pals- Esmeralda the cat! Esmeralda’s back feet might not look like those on a typical kitten, but she doesn’t know that! This sweet 4-month-old feline was born with deformed back limbs, and after taking x-rays and seeing how well she got around, the choice was made to let her continue moving around in…Continue Reading


Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Bobble

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Bobble! Looking for a ‘yes’ man? Bobble is ready for the job. Bobble is a 2-year-old lab mix who LOVES to be with his people. He can be best described as a Velcro dog. Bobble would love an active home that could take him out hiking on the weekends. He…Continue Reading


Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Sugar and Cookie

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Sugar and Cookie are a 14 year old bonded pair in pursuit of their forever home. They have lived most of their lives together and would like to be adopted together. Sugar is a female Schnoodle and Cookie is a male Shih Tzu. Sugar is active, perky and outgoing. Cookie…Continue Reading

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Raven’s Choice Pet Pals- Charlie the Guinea Pig!

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals! Meet Charlie the guinea pig- I need to be the only guinea pig and cannot share my cage with another guinea pig. I have an age restriction of 12+. Other than that, I am the perfect pet for you! I’m crazy about toilet paper rolls filled with lettuce and sleeping.…Continue Reading


Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Penny Lane!

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Penny Lane is 10 TONS of personality wrapped in a 5lb package! She is a 10yo teacup chi/minpin mix- found on the streets fending for herself. She is fine with other dogs- can take them or leave them and good with kids who have dog experience or are +12 years…Continue Reading


Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Dora!

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Meet Dora! She is a 3 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix who is just enthusiastic about life! She is a gorgeous champagne color, as sweet as they come and looking for a new best friend. Dora is a medium energy girl who is silly, outgoing and friendly. Dora enjoys…Continue Reading


Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Cage the Terrier Mix!

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Meet Cage! He’s an excited terrier mix with lots of energy! He prefers teenagers and a home with terrier experience, and if you’re an active household, this is the guy for you! You can find out more about Cage at Danbury Animal Welfare Society!    Continue Reading

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