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What is your favorite spot in Connecticut?

Sleeping Giant, I love the hiking trails!

How long have you worked for STAR 99.9? What was your first job here?

Wow…It’s been about 6 years now. I worked with the station when we were back in Norwalk in 2008 in sales. Stayed connected with everyone after I left for Cruise Ships and when I returned they graciously brought me back in under the promotions team. From Promotions, I worked as the producer for the Anna and Raven morning show and the rest is history!

What makes your station/show great?

Star 99.9 is fun! It’s upbeat and easy to jam out to anywhere you are! Work, the gym, out on a hike and I like to think I add a little more fun to the station 😉

Favorite band or artist of all time?

That is hard…I have seen Sara Bareilles six times live, so I would have to say her.

What is the best concert you’ve ever seen?

Sara Bareilles’s solo seated show she held at Toad’s Place in New Haven. It was so intimate, felt a lot like our Star 99.9 Acoustic Sessions.

TV show or Movie that you think someone should know about?

I’m obsessed with Gilmore Girls, I have seen the whole series over 30 times (easily!)

If you didn’t do radio, what would you do?

Event or travel planning.

A skill you wish you had but sadly don’t?

I wish I could play an instrument fluently.

If you are on death row and you have a final meal. What is it?

A Bagel and Raman Noodle Soup…. I’m basically 12.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself

I have been to 6 out of the 7 continents and have literally circumnavigated the globe.

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