The Anna and Raven Show 2/9/18

The Anna and Raven Show 2/9/18

Chef Plum from Restaurant RoadTrip came in to be Anna’s guest host today while Raven is recovering from surgery! If you missed anything, it’s all here!

Anna, Boss Kevin Begley and Chef Plum talk about all of the good news that’s going on in their lives, including the fact that it’s national pizza day! Which just so happens to be Kevin’s favorite day!

Chef Plum can identify all of kinds of food, but can he identify food bands?

Chef Plum makes a drink for his wife that they both swear is the Fountain of Youth! He brought it in… is it really a youth inspiring drink?

Since Raven is out, Chef Plum is in today challenging the listeners in “You Can’t Beat Chef Plum- Food trivia edition!” How will they do against an actual chef!?

Chef Plum is sitting in for Raven while he recovers from surgery and Anna, Chef Plum, and Producer Christian go all over all the little things that makes them say “That’s all I need to know about you!”

Producer Christian’s New Years Resolution is to be more romantic to his girlfriend Michelle! Chef Plum is sitting in for Raven, and he’s going to help Christian cook a wonderful meal!

Chef Plum is filling Raven’s shoes for today, and he breaks the top 5 no-no’s that you should never, EVER do in a restaurant!

She hates to cook, hates it. They have had a routine for years where they order take out and go out every night. Every night. They live in New Haven and she says part of the charm of living in the city is that there are a million awesome places to eat. He now wants her to start cooking. She says HE can start cooking!