The Anna and Raven Show 2/12/18

The Anna and Raven Show 2/12/18

Karen Thomas, CT  etiquette expert was Anna’s co-host while Raven is out!

Anna, Adam Broderick and Karen Thomas go over all the good news in their lives, rather than the bad news! It’s all about Valentine’s Day plans in the works!

Anna, Karen Thomas, Adam Broderick, and Producer Christian go over all the things that they see everyday that makes them say That’s all I need to know about you!

Producer Christian, as part of his New Years Resolution to be more romantic to his girlfriend Michelle, got a full spa day at Adam Broderick, along with a makeover! Adam came in to talk about exactly what happened and how you can get in on it!

They’re getting married this summer and he doesn’t have a good relationship with his parents. He hasn’t really gotten along with them since he graduated college and they barely speak anymore. They wanted him to go into the family business and he did not want to- They said he was selfish and basically cut off communication with him. They are contributing nothing and he wants nothing to do with them!

Karen Thomas is Connecticut’s foremost authority on etiquette, and she’s challenging the listeners to see if they can best her in etiquette trivia!

Karen Thomas breaks down the 5 things that you should never, ever do when you go out on Valentine’s Day!

Karen Thomas, Connecticut’s foremost authority on etiquette, is in with Anna to talk about the words that you can use instead of actually swearing!