Demi Lovato Says Goodbye To Dieting

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Demi Lovato Says Goodbye To Dieting

By Danielle Costa

Demi Lovato is “Sorry Not Sorry” about quitting dieting!

The singer took to Instagram the other day to announce she has quit counting calories. In the post, Demi says she is proud of her “no more dieting thighs” and she finished off the caption by hashtagging, #thickthighssavelives.

Upon further investigation, Demi has recently deleted the picture, which begs the unfortunate question of what kind of backlash or hate comments the singer received. However, Buzzfeed Obsessed on Instagram reposted Demi in all her glory, so Lovatics can still drool over the perfection of their favorite girl. It’s sad that Demi felt the need to delete the post, but before she did, most of the comments were positive and supportive.

Demi, who has been very vocal about her body image issues, proudly stated that she stopped worrying about dieting and focused on her happiness instead.

Demi told People, “I stopped dieting and have gained a little weight so it’s been a struggle but at the same time, I’m happier because I’m not restricting myself from certain foods and I’m no longer food shaming myself.”

The body positive post is a reminder to everyone that restricting yourself is not the best option and focusing on your happiness is the way to go! And with all the love Demi is giving to her thighs, I don’t think they will have to sing “Tell Me You Love Me” any longer!

Photo Credit: PR Photos/ David Gabber