The Anna and Raven Show 5-8-19

The Anna and Raven Show 5-8-19

Midway through the week! Anna and Raven are excited for this Wednesday. If you missed any of today’s show, catch up with the audio On Demand!

All I Need To Know About You (00)

After going over a story in Florida where a woman had a baby alligator in her yoga pants, that’s all you need to know about her!

Adam Broderick from Adam Broderick Salon and Spa, in Ridgefield and Southbury (2:36)

Adam talks about Mother’s Day, and  helps a listener win a prize pack for a relaxing spa day!

Jackie nominated her mother Sherri because she’s Momumental! (8:55)

We want to know why your mom is Momumental, it could win her a $100 gift card to Adam Broderick! Jackie nominated her mother Sherri and get the tissues ready because it’s a tear jerker!

Honda of Westport Couple’s Court: His mother in law refuses to eat his wife’s cooking! (12:18)

Awkward situation this morning where Sharon (his mother in law) refuses to eat Clay’s wife’s cooking, and is thinking of bringing her own food and cooking for the entire family this Mother’s Day!

Can Shelia from Stamford beat Raven? (18:44)

Shelia from Stamford didn’t get the Cheat Sheet, but can she trip up Raven with help from Anna’s tricky questions?

Where did you accidentally leave your kid? (23:19)

Every parent has done it at least once, where was the place you left your kid, or the place that your parents accidentally left you when you were a child?

Rebecca Kowalski talks about the triathlon events coming and amazing fundraisers! (32:43)

So many great events and fundraisers that Rebecca Kowalski has put together and is a part of, check out for all the information!