The Anna and Raven Show 5-10-19

The Anna and Raven Show 5-10-19

It’s Friday! Anna and Raven are pumped up and ready to go! If you missed anything from today’s show, catch up with the Anna and Raven Show on Demand.


If you’re obsessed with going through dead people’s Facebook’s, That’s All I Need To Know About You! Anna hit us with this early this morning…do you find it weird?  (00)

Raven gave Anna the best Mother’s Day gift…SLEEP! Anna’s been having sleep issues so Raven decided to give her the gift of sleeping for a full hour during the show! (331)

Kristyn nominated her Mom Debby because she’s Momumental! Mom’s are incredible, and Anna and Raven talked to another incredible mother and hooked her up with a sweet prize from Stamford Town Center! (1323)

Honda of Westport Couples Court- He got tickets for a Red Sox game on Mother’s Day! (1603)

Can Ashley from East Haven beat Raven?  He’s been on FIRE, and if she doesn’t beat him, he sets a new record for consecutive wins! (2200)

How has Raven been behaving as a husband? We check in with Raven’s wife Alicia and he may be in the doghouse today!  (2611)