The Anna & Raven: 5-16-19

The Anna & Raven: 5-16-19

Anna & Raven are feeling good Thursday morning! If you missed any of today’s show, catch up with Anna & Raven now On Demand!

All I need to know about you: 00

We get it, snap judgments aren’t very grownup but if we’re honest we all make them! What one thing did you see that was all you need to know about someone?

Anna & Raven Promposals: 3:10

We celebrate the Instagram page of Darien High, where they’re celebrating that right of passage. You know, embarrassing yourself in front of everyone in hopes of earning a date!

Hayden’s Life Advice: 8:14

Anna’s ten year old daughter Hayden takes your emails and calls to help solve life’s biggest problems. She’s not a doctor, but then again there’s no copay! For your own life advice email [email protected]

Is Raven blind or incompetent: 11:43

Dr. Peter Shriver joins Anna & Raven in studio to test Raven’s eyes, while as Star he brings the jokes… and real signs for you to watch for with young children you may suspect of dealing with early vision issues.

Honda of Westport Couple’s Court Mother’s Week: 18:48

Susan and Ben’s son is getting married on their fortieth wedding anniversary and mom thinks this would be the ideal location and time to renew their vows?! Ben thinks that’s crazy and selfish but Susan wants to ask the couple. What do you think about this, whose side are you on? With your calls and the verdict!

Can’t Beat Raven: 25:13

Every morning at eight try and beat Raven on today’s biggest celebrity stories! If you can do better than him he’ll buy you lunch, good luck!

Sleep position psychology: 29:17

What your sleeping position says about your personality!