The Anna & Raven Show: 7-19-19

The Anna & Raven Show: 7-19-19

Raven and Producer Christian are amped for the weekend! If you missed any of today’s show, catch up with Anna & Raven now On Demand!

All I need to know about you:

We get it, snap judgments aren’t very grownup but if we’re honest we all make them! What one thing did you see that was all you need to know about someone?

Famous duo’s you can deal with just half: 2:26

A viral sensation created when hip hop artist Jadakiss posted a photo of pizza he had delivered with the pizza cut out?! That’s right, just crust and some sauce. That’s got Raven sharing what big duo’s he could skip half of, turns out you called to share your favorite potential solo acts!

Honda of Westport Couple’s Court: 9:47

The family is headed to Disney for a summer vacation, they have a seven and five year old. The five year old is tiny so Joe says they can just lie and say he’s three, saving over five hundred bucks in the process, Missy says it’s morally wrong and will ruin their vacation to try! Whose side are you on? With your calls and the verdict!

Saving the world, one less cheeseburger at a time: 16:44

We can do it, we can save the world, if we’re just willing to cut down our cheeseburger intake, according a U.N. sponsored study on sustainability. Raven’s thinks he can get there, Producer Christian has reservations… but there’s still something neither one of them could quit, even if it determined to fate of all seven billion people on the planet.

Can’t Beat Raven: 21:30

Every morning at eight try and beat Raven on today’s biggest celebrity stories. If you can do better than him he’ll buy you lunch, good luck!

That movie effect that always stuck with you: 24:47

After the release of the trailer for Cats featuring Taylor Swift among others, people had plenty to say about the special effects… and not all were positive lol. What is the movie effect that has always stuck with you, that cannot be unseen!

Tell me something good: 35:01

There’s plenty of bad news out there in the world, that’s why everyday Anna & Raven take this time to celebrate the good news in life… big and small! You can always share with us at 1-800-330-9999, just tell us something good!