The Anna and Raven Show- 10-29-19

The Anna and Raven Show- 10-29-19

It’s Tuesday, and Anna and Raven are fired up! If you missed anything, catch up with the show on demand!

All I Need To Know About You :00

Snap judgements aren’t great, but here, they’re encouraged!

What time should Trick or Treating start? 3:41

The most wonderful time for candy should have a time limit on when you start…right?

What does the Queen do to break in her shoes? 12:17

Since the Queen has a person to break in her shoes, can Producer Christian try and break in Anna’s heels without dying?

The kids at Roosevelt School write the best thank you notes! 19:24

After Anna and Raven went to the 5th grade class at Roosevelt School in Bridgeport, they wrote them thank you notes…with a bit of a comedic twist!

Honda of Westport Couple’s Court- Should their 14 year old go to a party without any parents? 23:31

A 14 year old going to a party with a 23 year old nanny and co-ed with no parents? What could go wrong?

Can Mike from Derby get any questions right in Can’t Beat Raven? 30:29

Tell Me Something Good- Moving a tree off of the Merritt Parkway!

Nothing like teamwork to get something done, including moving an entire tree off the Parkway!

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