Connecticut’s Favorite Christmas Candy IS…. Wait, What?

Christmas chocolate bark with peppermint,dried berries and nuts.

Connecticut’s Favorite Christmas Candy IS…. Wait, What?

These lists come out every year, but Connecticut has some explaining to do with our Top Christmas Candy pick on this one.

According to the most popular Christmas candy in Connecticut is Reindeer Corn? I’ve literally never heard of this before seeing this list. Didn’t we already establish back in October that everyone hates Candy Corn? So how is REINDEER Corn so popular for the holiday season? Does it taste different? Looks to me like its just Candy Corns disguised with red, green, and white coloring. I might need to go to the store today and investigate.

The runners up were Candy Canes at number 2, which clearly should be number 1, and Hershey Kisses at number 3. I don’t even count Hershey Kisses though because they are around all year.

Get it together Connecticut. We obviously have a Christmas candy problem.

Here is the interactive map if you want to see what the rest of country likes.




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