You can take my Membership, when You Pry it from Me!

You can take my Membership, when You Pry it from Me!

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All I need to know about you!: 0:00

If you’re a mechanic and you put an extra 1,000 miles on someone else’s car instead of fixing it or if you drive in a downpour and refuse to put you windshield wipers on because you think the rain just rolls off your car, that’s all I need to know about you!

Never Giving up My Membership: 3:23

Costco announced they will be forbidding people without a membership from eating at the food courts, Anna & Raven enjoy getting more than just a $1 hot dog from the wholesale giant, but what is the one item that you couldn’t do without from Costco?

Fascinating Jobs: Flight Attendant: 15:39

Anna & Raven close out the month of February looking at several interesting professions, Flight Attendant Keisha talks with us about her daily job, famous people she sees, and where is the secret break/napping room on a plane?

Couple’s Court: 24:02

Our listeners sided with Shawn over his girlfriend Megan after he originally agreed to attend her father’s 60th birthday party, so he could also meet the extended family for the first time. But his best friend will be home visiting from California the same weekend and planned a guy’s weekend in Atlantic City. But take a listen and you can decide for yourself just whose side you’re on?

Can’t Beat Raven: 30:12

Every morning at eight, try and beat Raven on today’s biggest celebrity stories! If you can do better than him, you win a $100 gift card to Dunkin’! Good luck!

Silly College Fast-food Run: 34:04

After a group of college kids bought a plane ticket so they could get Chick-fil-a from a local airport food court that got Anna & Raven thinking about what was the silly thing you did when you were in college?