The Anna & Raven Show: Get Outta My Getaway Space

The Anna & Raven Show: Get Outta My Getaway Space

Has the work week been tough? Take a load off and get some laughs with Anna & Raven! If you missed any of today’s show, catch up with Anna & Raven OnDemand now!

All I need to Know about You: 0:00

If your idea of protesting in doing burpees and squats about seven inches from each other or if the hardest part about you going back to the office is going to be shaving your face, that’s all I need to know about you!

Getaway Space: 2:56

Everyone needs their getaway space! It’s hard when you’re with the same people every day – even if they are your family! Anna heads to her car for some R&R, Raven hits the closest empty parking lot, where is your getaway space?

Take your Dirty Socks: 8:58

There’s only so much one person can take before they snap. Anna is very close. Her husband has left his dirty socks all over the house and now her 11-year-old daughter is taking after him. Anna Zap is going to blow a gasket! Pick up the socks!

Goodbye, Reply All: 13:06

Microsoft is allowing you to block the ‘reply all’ option on emails. But will you? Anna gets a twisted satisfaction out of seeing who’s going to reply to everyone in the company and Raven hates reply all so he’s gotta be on board with this…right?

Class of 2020 Valedictorians: 15:37

Calling all Valedictorians! Anna & Raven want you to give your speech on air! We know you’ve worked so hard! So, we want to know who you are!

Three Things you Should Know: 17:58

We know there’s plenty of information going on and it’s tough to stay on top of it all. Anna & Raven have you covered with three things you should know!

The Bright Side: 21:19

These times have been trying, but Anna & Raven want to focus on the brighter side of things! Each morning they share a happy story that’s come out during these difficult times.

Couples Court: 24:20

Our listeners sided with Debbie over her husband Ron after she was ready to welcome their cleaning woman back to work. But take a listen and decide for yourself whose side you’re on!

Can’t Beat Raven: 29:09 

Every morning at eight try and beat Raven on today’s biggest celebrity stories! If you can do better than him, you win a $100 gift card to Dunkin’! Good luck!

Zoom Meeting Burnout with Liz Dederer: 32:43

If you never want to hear the words “Zoom Meeting” again, Anna Zap is right there with you! Anna & Raven have both been completely burned out with all the video conferencing going on. So Liz Dederer is back to give them some tips about dealing with Zoom Meeting Burnout!