The Anna & Raven Show: Thursday, May 21st

The Anna & Raven Show: Thursday, May 21st

Auction time! What kind of things do Anna & Raven buy at auctions? An some of our listeners let us know what they have bought! Would you have spent this kind of money on these items!? (0:00)

People are split down the middle when it comes to reopening these places, but is it worth protesting? (7:10)

Anna & Raven talk about the current status of the lock down and ask “What IS a rolling lock down?” Find out with us! (10:16)

Comedian (and now rapper) Courtney Davis lets us sample a hot new track and gives some relationship advice! (13:42)

Anna’s daughter Hayden suggested to a six year old that “Snacks in ‘yo mask” would be a good way to get used to masks. (17:05)

In today’s Couples Court, Reese’s husband Luke wants to light off fireworks for Memorial Day, but Reese thinks it’s a bad idea because of neighbors, their dog and other factors. Our listeners weigh in on the situation. What’s the final verdict? Find out! (19:54)

Laura Curran gives an awkward speech about Tennis and shows that wording is everything. (25:37)

Does Kim have what it takes to end Raven’s current winning streak!? Let’s find out!! (28:08)

Updates from the CDC, what Governor Ned Lamont had to say about Casino’s and the return of what was once an American staple! (31:21)

What are the top five things that people regret doing during quarantine and Anna’s major quarantine fail! (34:23)