The Anna & Raven Show: Tuesday Podcast

The Anna & Raven Show: Tuesday Podcast

The things you see in peoples houses on a Zoom call, and are these rooms strange? (0:00)

Anna & Raven share their place of Zen within their homes & listeners unconventional rooms. (2:48)

What’s that strange room in your house!? Plus, a listener shares a VERY different room she ran into while looking for a new house. (5:57)

There are some pretty ridiculous reasons to call 911, but THIS is certainly a strange one..(9:50)

Trump is taking WHAT!? When you will be able to finally get the much needed haircut and New York Governor Cuomo sheds light on what to expect with sports in the future, in today’s “The three things you need to know”. (12:59)

Quarantine Fatigue!? The top 7 things people are doing to pass the time during the isolation, and are these activities putting you more at risk to the Coronavirus.  (16:57)

It’s the bright side! Find out what good things are going on in your community! Today, it’s a SWEET one, sprinkled with a little bit of patriotism. (24:16)

New Yorker’s are up and out due to the recent pandemic. Where are they going to though? (26:48)

Most couples probably deal with this same situation, in today’s Couples Court! (30:19)

Can our listener Scott finally end Raven’s current victory streak!? (35:54)