The Anna & Raven Show: Wednesday May 27th

The Anna & Raven Show: Wednesday May 27th

The pandemic may take away a staple of American restaurants. For Raven this means war! (0:00)

Is your child a picky eater? Here are a few things to do to (hopefully) help open their pallet more! (2:24)

Kelly Ripa lied and Anna is not a happy camper about it. Should she be as upset as she is? (6:50)

If you start conversations like this, then that’s all we need to know about you. And Raven tells us about his excitement for the SpaceX launch. (9:56)

Twitter throws a disclaimer at Donald Trump over a tweet, the risk for schools reopening in the fall and our first space expedition in ten years. (12:54)

Someone left something at work during the start of the pandemic. Was it worth going back for? (17:08)

We found a great app to help pass the time during the pandemic. Anna shares a favorite post she saw, along with the comments. (24:26)

Places are using some weird stuff to help maintain social distance or fill stadiums. Are what they’re using creepy or cool? You be the judge! (28:30)

In today’s Couples Court Melissa and her husband Rick try to figure out a situation involving having to pay for a neighbors tow. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? YOU be the judge!  (31:46)

Raven currently sits at a comfortable win streak of seventeen! Will it all come crashing down in today’s Can’t Beat Raven!? How many of the answers did you know without looking them up? (37:40)