The Anna & Raven Show: Thursday May 28th

The Anna & Raven Show: Thursday May 28th

Anna expresses excitement because she learned Disney is planning to reopen soon. Can you guess how quick she’d like to book a trip? (0:00)

On Facebook we asked you to ask your mother about her celebrity crush. Here are some of those answers! We also hear from Ravens mother about her celebrity crush. (3:47)

Anna text a celebrity in hopes he’d reply back to her but it ended up being the complete opposite of what she was expecting, plus Raven’s curiosity of the toilet on SpaceX (10:13)

More on Disney’s plan to reopen and rules put in place for guest’s safety, the scrubbed take off for Dragon SpaceX and New York Governor Cuomo announces a winner for the “Wear a Mask” ad contest. (13:52)

The fantastic idea from a pizza restaurant and the top five games sold in history! Do you own any one of them? (18:17)

Did you marry up? Anna asks husband Paul this very question. What was his answer though!? (21:49)

Anna’s daughter Hayden gives some great fishing advice to a first time fisher. (30:06)

Would you quit your job to help support a family business? In today’s Couple’s Court Tamra and husband Jason have that exact question. What’s the verdict? (33:56)

Raven is on a current hot streak with eighteen wins. Is Mariam going to be able to finally end it? Find out! (40:27)