The Anna & Raven Show: Monday June 8th

The Anna & Raven Show: Monday June 8th

What do you think is the best age to have a child? We discuss exactly that! (0:00)

We had a conversation with Dr. Manisha Juthani about what we can look forward to in public places as COVID begins to slow down. (3:06)

What or who were named after? Someone asked the internet if the name they chose was a good one. (11:05)

Its national best friend’s day! (18:47)

CNN works with Elmo to help kids understand what is going on in this world a little better. (22:30)

Anna & Raven reenact a story they found off the Nextdoor App. Who would have known Peacocks were so popular. (26:14)

Fiona’s neighbors have a dog that ripped up Fiona’s flower bed. Fiona thinks the neighbors should pay for the flower bed and husband Marcus think’s it was a one off situation that they should just let go. Who do you think is right in today’s Couples Court? (30:18)

Joe takes on Raven in Can’t Beat Raven! Can Joe take the $600 prize, or will it climb to $700!? Would you have gotten any of these questions right? (37:18)