The Anna & Raven Show: Tuesday June 9th

The Anna & Raven Show: Tuesday June 9th

Nervous tics. We all have one. Anna bites the inside of her cheeks, Raven sings. We asked you about your nervous tic. (0:00)
What do you refrigerate when it comes to fruit and veggies? (8:27)

Seven-Eleven in Japan is offering WHAT to customers? If you buy it, that’s all we need to know about you. (12:00)

One in five Americans have lost the confidence in their ability to drive since the pandemic. What have you lost confidence in since the pandemic started? (14:37)

Anna’s daughter Hayden explains what her virtual field day was like. Fun or destructive? You decide. Than Anna & Raven have their own virtual field day in studio. (17:35)

We talk proper mask etiquette with Karen Thomas (24:14)

In today’s Couples Court, Danielle just found out Sean disciplined their son a year ago without her knowing it, and she’s furious. He says he was dealing with a bully, mom says it doesn’t matter because it was a girl! You be the judge! (28:17)

The prize is at $700. Will Donna take the cash or give Raven another win and raise the prize money!? (37:15)