The Anna & Raven Show: Friday June 12th

The Anna & Raven Show: Friday June 12th

Games on cell phones. Which ones do you play or spend way too much time on? (0:00)

Coronavirus surcharges are a thing now. What are they and what to expect. (7:31)

If you use your birthday for this, it’s all we need to know about you. (10:45)

Have you ever seen too much of your neighbor or have they ever seen too much of you? (14:00)

Cough shaming is a thing now. Anna is always getting shamed for her “Allergy coughs”. (17:39)

People want THIS show to be cancelled…Are you joking!? (21:18)

A new study shows that a way to stop arguments with your significant other is through more hand holding. (24:31)

It’s time for Raven’s Report Card! How did he do this week!? (28:35)

Couples Court: John thinks Andrea was way out of line calling the cops on one of the neighbors 11 year old kids for using the bathroom in the woods behind their house! She says it’s a valuable lesson for him to learn but her husband says it’s just mean, they weren’t even home; she found it on their ring cam. Listen for the verdict! (33:00)

Does Ali have what it takes to stop raven, or will the prize climb to $1,100!? The questions today were really hard! Think you could have gotten any right? (38:36)