The Anna & Raven Show: Tuesday June 16th

Pile with American one hundred dollar bills isolated on white background

The Anna & Raven Show: Tuesday June 16th

Might be time to say ‘Goodbye’ to the blowout and hello to the ‘Bob’! (0:00)

We talk to a gentleman of the Atlantic Treasure Club about treasure hunting and metal detectors. (3:30)

All I need to know about you! (11:32)

Covid has ruined another thing for all of us (14:45)

The quarantine has affected some people’s weight and eating habits. Who else is putting on the pounds? Your pets of course! (18:44)

Ever feel like you are becoming just like your father? A study shows that it just may be the case. (26:02)

It’s time for Anna & Raven to reenact a post from the Nextdoor App!  (29:47)

In today’s Couples Court, Veronica’s mom is coming to stay for the week and because she doesn’t care for dogs, she wants to board their puppy for the week but Bob’s set against it! He says the dog lives here, he stays, but she claims it’s really about the money it costs to put the pooch up. Bob says if a hotel’s good enough for the dog, it should be good enough for his mother in law! Who’s right? You decide on the Couple’s Court! (34:17)

Bill did it! Raven’s current win streak has ended and the $1,200 goes to Bill. The prize starts at $100 again tomorrow! Would you have gotten any of these questions right? (40:54)