The Anna & Raven Show: Sink Or Swim

Happy family have fun in swimming pool. Funny child swim, dive in pool - jump deep down underwater from poolside. Healthy lifestyle, people water sport activity, swimming lessons on holidays with kids

The Anna & Raven Show: Sink Or Swim

Tuesday July 13th, 2020

How did you learn how to swim, or how did you teach your child how to swim? (0:00)

All I need to know about you! (10:15)

Anna’s fear of being used as a job reference and tips for being a referred person (14:00)

What should you have in your fridge at all times? (22:33)

What is it you don’t understand that your children do, or what is something you did as a kid that your parents didn’t understand. (26:31)

Couples Court: Daniel’s mother told Hannah she’s ruining their son, she says Daniel needs to make his mother apologize but he says…what if she’s right? Whose side are you on?  (34:09)

Would you have gotten any of these questions right in Can’t Beat Raven? (41:44)

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