The Anna & Raven Show: Cool Finds, Halloween Costumes And Speeding Cars

The Anna & Raven Show: Cool Finds, Halloween Costumes And Speeding Cars

Tuesday September 22nd, 2020

A 77 year old submarine wreck was found in South East Asia and A bear from the ice age was found in Siberia…What do they have in common? It was the coolest things ever found! What cool stuff have you found?! (0:00)

Putting two different presidential candidate signs on your lawn? That’s all I need to know about you! (10:07)

A Long Island school made a covid safety song to the tune of ‘Safety Dance’ by “Men without Hats”. So Anna & Raven decided to try to make their own covid songs… (14:09)

According to research, yellow is the most unattractive color for a person to wear. We have why! (17:58)

A lot of things are made into “Sexy costumes” for Halloween, and Tiger King is no exception. What else was made into sexy costumes for Halloween? We list a bunch right here! (21:21)

We have the list of the top five cars that typically get pulled over for speeding. Do you drive any one of these? (25:15)

It’s the first day of fall, but luckily for us, Newsday has come out with a list of things you can do to keep summer going! (29:31)

Couples Court: Vienna and Marcus are planning their wedding. Vienna doesn’t want to invite her father because he did not invite her to his second-wedding last year.  Her father explained that because there is a lot of hostility between him and her mother, he didn’t want to put her in that situation to make a decision. Vienna says it was disrespectful and now wants to exclude him from her own wedding. Marcus says she’ll regret being petty and will eventually regret not having her father at her wedding. (33:25)

Donna is up in Can’t Beat raven! Will she take home $1,000 big ones, or will we continue to throw money into the jackpot?! (42:15)