The Anna & Raven Show: Presidential Debate, Stranded And Translating

The Anna & Raven Show: Presidential Debate, Stranded And Translating

Wednesday September 30th, 2020

Last night was the Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden and it’s probably the first debate people actually wanted to watch. How did Anna & Raven feel about the debate? (0:00)

Anna & Raven went head to head in their own debate, answering the questions that really matter. Who would you vote for? (2:53)

Sometimes the best part of a debate is hearing all the insults the candidates throw one another’s way. We take a look back at all of the best insults thrown around during Presidential Debates. (7:01)

If you used the Presidential Debate as an excuse to play a drinking game or don’t prepare yourself for bad weather arriving than that’s all I need to know about you. (10:58)

Anna may not be a debate moderator, but she knows what it’s like to prep for an important interview. Unfortunately for Chris Wallace, things didn’t seem to go as planned for him during last night’s Presidential Debate. Plus, we list the most stressful jobs to have and decide which you’d rather choose.  (14:05)

Raven’s car broke down the other day and was left stranded on the side of the highway. Anna was once stranded outside of a psychiatric hospital. So where have you gotten stranded before? (18:47)

Sometimes during the debate, the topics or answer might go right over your head, so Anna & Raven step in to translate the debate for you. (29:38)

Aaron and Lucy’s 12-year-old daughter posted a nasty video about a classmate on social media. Dad is furious and wants to take away all her electronics to teach her that bullying is never tolerated and reach out to the other parents to intervene; Mom says that’s going too far. They should just talk to her about why should would do this and use it as a teaching opportunity. After all, it’s a first offense. (33:43)

Coreen has a chance at $500 and all she has to do is beat Raven during Can’t Beat Raven. Can she pull it off or will we be adding another $100 to the jackpot? (41:03)