The Anna & Raven Show: Gas Protocol, Accidental Injuries And A Covid “Novel”

The Anna & Raven Show: Gas Protocol, Accidental Injuries And A Covid “Novel”

Tuesday October 6th, 2020

Anna’s new car doesn’t have quarter, half and full readings on her gas gauge; they are just dots, so she is trying to figure out how to tell how many miles of gas she will get for each of the dots. We also hear from Anna’s friend about running out of gas when they went to the Orchard. (0:00)

The psychology of filling your gas tank; what makes you fill your gas tank when you do or wait to fill your tank as long as you do. It’s time to hear your gas filling protocol! (3:44)

If you are putting up you’re “Christmas tree” for fall right now or only speaking to your family via Facebook? That’s all I need to know about you! (11:26)

Anna was once accidentally punched by her husband while he was in a deep sleep and Raven caught his wife right in the eye with a tennis ball while playing fetch with their dog…Have you ever accidentally hurt yourself or someone around you? (13:52)

A new book is going viral called ‘Kissing the Coronavrus’ and it’s an erotica novel about Covid…So of course Anna & Raven had to do a short reading from the novel. (25:36)

Couples Court: Cara & Alex own a diner and every morning her brother comes by for a cup of coffee and breakfast, but he never pays, and now he’s starting to bring friends! Alex says it must stop, he doesn’t mind the cup of coffee, but the free breakfast can’t keep happening. Cara says it’s not really a big deal, family should eat for free and Alex is overreacting. Whose side are you on? (30:01)

Erica is up to try and best raven at Can’t Beat Raven! Will she walk away with a $900 jackpot or will we add another $100 to the jackpot for tomorrow’s game?! (35:48)