MUNDANE MYSTERIES: What Is Candy Corn Actually Made Of?

A Candy corn candy background

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: What Is Candy Corn Actually Made Of?

In general this time of year people tend to have a love/hate relationship with Candy Corn. It’s truly a polarizing candy. But one thing I’ve always wondered, and I’m sure you have too, is what they’re actually made of? Because we all know it’s not “Corn”.

Turns out Candy Corn is mostly made of sugar. Shocker, I know. There are actually four sweeteners involved which give it the sweetness. Sugar, corn syrup, dextrose, and honey. Candy corn is then made into a “mellow cream,” which is sugar and corn syrup combined to give it that marshmallow-like flavor.

The ingredient that gives the candy its chewy texture is called gelatin. And that smooth outer shell that you either love or hate is made from confectioner’s glaze.

There are a few real normal ingredients that you may recognize too, like sesame oil, food dye, and salt.

So when you’re either handing out or eating Candy Corn this Halloween now you know exactly what it is.


Photo credit: Getty Images