The Anna & Raven Show: Credit Due, Voting and Christmas Music

The Anna & Raven Show: Credit Due, Voting and Christmas Music

Monday November 2nd, 2020

Every Monday we check in and give you credit for something you did over the weekend that went unrecognized. What did Anna & Raven do this weekend that they did not get credit for? Find out! (0:00)

People were shocked this week to find out Shaquille O’Neal has never voted before. Hear what he had to say about it in his podcast, and we check around our office to see if people knew what swing states and electoral votes were. (6:58)

It’s time for All I need to know about you. If you steal someone’s cat while handing out election pamphlets or you steal someone’s Halloween candy, that’s all I need to know about you! (9:46)

Should Election Day be a national/federal Holiday? Some people claim they don’t vote because they are too busy and have to work, which impedes the time they have to get in their vote.  (12:57)

Twitter has declared a War between Christmas and Thanksgiving!  Which should we be celebrating right now?  And do we really need this kind of argument during such a stressful year? (20:19)

Don’t you love Christmas music?  Would it blow your mind if you knew that some of your favorite Xmas songs were originally Thanksgiving songs?  Anna and Raven talk about what songs were originally written about Turkey Day! (23:20)

Can you do accents?  Anna’s pretty good at them, but Raven is terrible.  So, of course, Anna had him read a sentence in 3 different languages! (26:42)

Couples Court: Joy has been working from home throughout the pandemic. She has complained to HR about the lack of performance from her coworkers. She is obsessed with reporting her co-worker’s Zoom behaviors, their lack of professional dress, and has complained that they are using their children as an excuse to get out of meetings. Her husband Darrell says she is going too far and all it will do is making her look insensitive to her management team. Whose side are you on? (30:41)

Can’t Beat Raven:  Does Michele have what it takes to finally beat Raven and win the largest jackpot ever?  Hopefully she knows her Full House trivia… (37:49)