The Anna and Raven Show: Weird Turn-offs, Election Exhaustion, Delivery Room Protocol

The Anna and Raven Show: Weird Turn-offs, Election Exhaustion, Delivery Room Protocol

When will it end!?  Anna and Raven give updates on the election numbers, and start to worry about their own lack of sleep and stress levels.  And has anyone noticed that even the news anchors are starting to look worn out? (00:00)


Are you the best looking sibling in your family?  Anna noticed how good looking this famous news anchor is, but then felt bad for his equally famous (but not as attractive) brother.  Do you agree with her?  Do you have a sibling who’s just obviously hotter than you? (2:53)


Anna has been waiting 12 years to have this argument!  A picture of a husband and wife in a controversial situation has been going viral online, and Anna had the exact same experience happen to her!  Anna and Raven decide who is right and who is wrong.  (6:50)


You know the phrase “don’t cry over spilt milk”?  Well, Anna started crying over forgotten gravy.  And Raven decides that if you’re already gloating about the election results, that’s all he needs to know about you! ((10:49)


Do you have a weird turn-off?  Something that’s a total deal breaker, even if it’s something small and petty?  Someone called in and told Anna and Raven that this one small detail made them not want to date somebody anymore.  Find out what it is, and what turns off Anna and Raven in the Podcast! (14:43)


The election is taking its toll on all of us, the people who are in charge of the Electoral Boards on the news networks are started to looked pretty ragged.  As media professionals themselves, Anna and Raven give their take on what it’s like to spend 24 hours a day on the same story! (25:20)


Raven’s Report Card – Every week Anna chats with Raven’s wife Alicia to see how he’s been behaving as a husband! Have you been a good partner with all this election drama going on? First Raven fell asleep during their election party, but that’s nothing compared to what he did next!  Find out what grade he got in the Podcast. (29:07)


Couples Court – Tom and Alyssa won a virtual fundraiser for their son’s school worth $1000!! After which she was informed the last two years winners returned the prize back to the school for charity. Tom says no way their giving the money back this year!  Get all the details and pick a side, the Couples Court with Anna & Raven! (32:47)


Can you believe the jackpot is 3200!?  Marie takes her shot at defeating Raven and claiming the record-breaking prize for herself!  How did she do?  Only one way to find out… (38:54)