The Anna & Raven Show:  Gross Stuff; Restaurant Bread; Relaxing Baths

The Anna & Raven Show: Gross Stuff; Restaurant Bread; Relaxing Baths

Tuesday November 10th, 2020

Have you ever found something gross in your house?  Some old food?  Dirty clothes you thought you had thrown out?  A dead animal?!  You’ll never guess what Anna and Raven found in their homes!  (00:00)


Is there anything better than a homemade gift?  Well, if you ask Raven, yes there absolutely is.  But that’s not going to stop Anna!  She’s planning on making Raven and the production team’s Xmas gifts herself this year, and you won’t believe what she wants to make them! (5:53)


All I Need To Know About You:  We know that Mike Tyson has a bit of a dark past, but did you know he used to do THIS to pass his drug tests?  Then, Raven talks about the unconventional method a British man used to attend his high school reunion! (9:49)


Everyone knows that restaurants fill you up with bread to make your meal seem more filling, but which restaurant is best at it?  Anna and Raven have callers compare different chain restaurants bread basket to find out which one reigns supreme!  Find out who they chose in the podcast…(13:18)


Yesterday, Anna and Raven said they were skeptical about how relaxing a bath would actually be.  So, last night they put it to the test, and recorded themselves in the tub.  But were they actually able to relax???(20:08)


What type of person are you?  Are you a rule follower, or a risk-taker?  Are you motivated and high energy, or laid-back?  Apparently, the way you hold the steering wheel can determine this.  Anna and Raven lets you know what your steering wheel position says about you! (28:06)


Couples Court: Christina and George have two young children that Christina’s mother watches while they’re at work. Christina is furious that her mother smokes when she watches the children. She believes that she goes outside but nonetheless, she’s taking smoking breaks and her children smell like smoke. She’s ready to find alternate childcare, her husband says she’s overreacting, she’s not smoking in their faces- plus, her mom is free childcare! Whose side are you on? (31:52)


Can’t Beat Raven! – Allie takes a shot at the $3,400!  Will Raven’s record breaking winning streak end!?  Or will the jackpot continue to rise? (37:34)