The Anna & Raven Show:  Animal Encounters; A Ticket You Deserved; Anna Does Stand Up

The Anna & Raven Show: Animal Encounters; A Ticket You Deserved; Anna Does Stand Up

Wednesday November 11th, 2020

Anna and Raven have beef with two states, and it has nothing to do with the election!  Everyone has a favorite Thanksgiving side, like mashed potatoes, stuffing, even cranberry sauce right?  But Anna and Raven discovered that these two US states have straight up WEIRD favorite foods.  Find out what in the podcast! (00:00)

Anna had an aggressive turkey encounter when she was driving the other day.  Have you ever had a weird run-in with an animal while driving?  Or even while you were parked? You won’t believe what Raven found behind the steering wheel! (3:10)

If you don’t thank a Veteran on Veteran’s Day, that’s all I need to know about you!  Anna and Raven celebrate the Veterans in their lives, and Raven talks about how his HOA got made at him because of something he hung up in his yard.  Find out what it was in the podcast! (10:47)

Anna is doing a charity benefit for Adam’s House, and they’ve asked her to do some stand up!  The only problem is, Anna’s feeling a little rusty.  So she decided to have Raven help her out with some feedback on her new material!  Some of it is really funny, but…well you can decide for yourself. (13:10)

Some people are able to just fall asleep anywhere, but have you ever heard of someone being able to fall asleep in only 10 seconds?!  Anna and Raven tell you how to do it in this edition of Wellness Wednesday!  (17:09)

Have you ever driven past a school bus when it had it’s stop sign out?  Suffolk County is installing camera’s on their school buses to catch drivers who ignore the sign, but it got Anna and Raven thinking.  What ticket did you get that you actually deserved?  Raven tells a story about what happened on a wild ride he took to Florida in his 20’s!  Find out what he did in the podcast! (21:08)

CC: Selena set up a dinner date for her husband, Jeff, and her co-worker. Her co-worker was just diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and she thought it would be beneficial for her husband to meet with him to talk about it since he’s been living with Crohn’s for years. He says he doesn’t want to spend a Saturday night with a stranger talking about his disease. It’s awkward! Is he overreacting or was she wrong to volunteer him without his consent? Whose side are you on?  (33:02)

CBR:  The jackpot is now 3500 and Kirsten thinks she’s got what it takes to finally beat Raven!  Will his record-breaking run finally end?  (38:52)