The Anna & Raven Show:  Musical Morale Boost; School Lunches; Charlie Brown Tree

The Anna & Raven Show: Musical Morale Boost; School Lunches; Charlie Brown Tree

Wednesday November 18th, 2020

Thanksgiving will be a little smaller this year, which has led to some awkward conversations with family members!  How do you tell someone in your family they can’t come to dinner this year?  Anna and Raven talk to etiquette expert Karen Thomas about how to handle those delicate conversations.  Find out what she suggests in the podcast!


It’s one of the biggest gifts of this holiday season.  It’s the most popular kitchen appliance since the George Forman Grill.  And Anna is calling it the greatest invention of our time!  The Air Fryer is the must-have appliance of 2020, and Anna brought her’s into the studio to test out how it does on Thanksgiving food.  How does the Air Fryer hold up to America’s signature feast?  Find out in the podcast! (03:59)


Handwashing can be tedious, and dry skin is definitely a thing, but if you think using MOUTHWASH is a good alternative, that’s all I need to know about you!  A new study went viral that says rinsing your mouth with mouthwash is more effective than hand-washing at preventing Covid!  Raven also shares the weird way his neighbor walks the dog.  Get the full story in the podcast! (11:04)


There’s such a thing as good school lunches, and there’s definitely such a thing as bad school lunches, but have you ever heard of a school lunch being TOO good?  You won’t believe what one school said to a parent about the way she packs her daughter’s lunch!  Get the full story in the podcast.  (14:50)


Wellness Wednesday – What if there was an easy way to boost morale for everyone in your office?  Turns out it’s as easy as playing the right music!  If you play 3 upbeat songs in a row, it will improve the mood of everyone around you.  Anna and Raven share their favorite 3 songs, and Anna reveals what the “scientifically proven” happiest song of all time is!  Find out what it is in the podcast!  (22:40)


Yesterday, Anna was worried that she hurt her oldest daughter’s feelings after beating her in a game of “Operation”.  She was so worried about it, she had child psychologist Dr. Joe Schippa call in and give her some advice on how to handle competitiveness between parent and child!  Find out what he had to say in the podcast! (26:40)


They’re calling it the COVID Charlie Brown Tree!  The Rockefeller Christmas tree this year is a little disappointing to say the least.  Who thought that a 77 foot tree could be that much of a let-down?  What’s the worst tree you’ve ever had?  Anna and Raven talk to callers and Raven talks about the time he returned THREE Christmas trees one year.  Get the full story in the podcast!  (30:35)


Couples Court:  Blaine and Luke’s neighborhood has had many car break-ins over the last few weeks. Luke has teamed up with two of the neighbors to conduct a “stake out”. Blaine thinks he’s lost his mind. What adult hides outside all night? Plus, if he does catch someone, what will he do? It’s dangerous! Luke thinks he’ll be able to get better video footage for police and will be able to scare these people out of their neighborhood for good. Thoughts?  (34:35)


Can’t Beat Raven – Raven’s winning streak continues, but maybe Joanne can knock him off his game?  Will the jackpot rise to $400, or will Joanne get some extra holiday shopping money? (40:35)