The Anna & Raven Show:  How To Cook A Turkey; Saved By The Bell; Tap Dancing

The Anna & Raven Show: How To Cook A Turkey; Saved By The Bell; Tap Dancing

Thursday November 19th, 2020

Did you just sneeze?!?!  With COVID numbers starting to spike again, Anna and Raven are noticing a rise in paranoia, even in themselves!  Do you get startled when you hear someone cough or sneeze these days?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone, wait til you hear what happened to Raven at a doctor’s office!

Have you ever wondered what life is like on a Turkey Farm at Thanksgiving?  Katherine from Raleigh Turkey Farms called in to talk about what it’s like to provide the signature dish at this time of year.  Anna was wondering if Katherine ever gets attached to the turkeys on the farm.  Her answer might surprise you! (2:04)

If you were on the run from the law, how would you try to get away?  Hopefully you would do better than this guy!   A man in California was wanted for being part of a 35 million dollar ponzi scheme.  When the cops came to bust him, he tried to make a not-so-smooth getaway in the most ridiculous way possible.  Get the full story in the podcast! (5:58)

Remember the theme song to Saved By The Bell?  It’s a classic right?  The remake of Saved By The Bell is coming out soon, but the theme song this time is….well, you’ll see.  Listen to what Anna and Raven think of the new take on an old classic in the podcast! (9:57)

This year, 1 in 4 people will be making a Turkey for the first time.  If you’re preparing to host your family this Thanksgiving, and you don’t want to mess up the bird, then check out Anna and Raven’s interview with The Food Network’s Chef Plum!  He gives all the tips that a first time Turkey chef needs to know in the podcast! (13:44)

Have you gotten the Facebook message about the sister gift exchange?  Just thought it was spam right?  Well not Anna!  She dove in head first this year, and decided to do it!  Find out how it’s going for her in the podcast! (17:27)

Have you ever lied to your doctor about something?  Anna went for her first mammogram the other day, and she lied about something on one of the forms!  Find out what it was, and what happened in the podcast! (21:01)

Annas Tap Class – A couple months ago, Anna decided to join a tap class.  At 40.  But, you know what, she really enjoyed it, and that’s all that matters!  Anna talks about the moment when she was in college that first inspired her to pursue tap dancing.  You’ll never guess what it is! (28:33)

Tree-  How do you pick out a Christmas tree?  Are there certain rules?  Does size, shape come into play, or are you just looking for something affordable?  Raven’s wife Alicia share’s her criteria for picking out the perfect Christmas tree! (32:09)

Blaine and Luke’s neighborhood has had many car break-ins over the last few weeks. Luke has teamed up with two of the neighbors to conduct a “stake out”. Blaine thinks he’s lost his mind. What adult hides outside all night? Plus, if he does catch someone, what will he do? It’s dangerous! Luke thinks he’ll be able to get better video footage for police and will be able to scare these people out of their neighborhood for good. Thoughts? (34:58)

CBR – Jim takes a swing at de-throning Raven and claiming the $400 jackpot!  Will he be victorious. Or will the jackpot rise to $500? (40:38)