MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why are soccer balls black and white?

Soccer ball flew into the goal. Soccer ball bends the net, against the background of flashes of light. Soccer ball in goal net on blue background. A moment of delight, 3D illustration

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why are soccer balls black and white?

The world’s most popular sport… soccer! Or as all the other counties call it “futbol”. If you or your kids are into soccer you’ve probably noticed most soccer balls are black and white. There actually are a few good reasons why.

Originally soccer balls were brown leather, but as more and more games became televised by the 70s viewers were having a hard time keeping their eye on the ball while watching the games. The black and white soccer ball we all love made it’s official debut in the World Cup in Mexico in 1970. The balls were actually already white by this time but it was Adidas who added the alternating black pentagons to make viewing even easier. They also double as a good guide for the players too when they’re lining up their foot exactly where they want to kick the ball.


Photo credit: Getty Images