MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why do Christmas lights always get tangled?

Tangle of Christmas lights unplugged

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why do Christmas lights always get tangled?

A lot of people have been decorating their house early this year to get in the holiday spirit. One thing that we’ve all experienced at one point or another is the Clark Griswold tangling of the lights. So annoying! And why does it always happen?

Well, first of all, the cord that the lights are attached to get tangled very easily based on it’s design. The other reason is that Christmas lights have a metal wire inside the chord to help with the packaging of the lights. This is one of the biggest culprits for tangling because it gives the chord a natural curve. Then you have the actual light bulbs which always get in the way and make the chord knot.

There are some ways you can help prevent tangling in the future though. One tip would be to coil the lights very carefully when putting them away, ideally using something like twist-ties to keep them in place. Martha Stewart has even talked about a similar idea using pieces of cardboard instead of twist-ties.

Happy decorating! “Have to check every bulb”


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