The Anna & Raven Show: Wellness Wednesday; Strange Noises; Charcuterie

The Anna & Raven Show: Wellness Wednesday; Strange Noises; Charcuterie

Wednesday, Jan 6th, 2021

Can you tell what’s gonna happen in a movie before it happens?  Anna and Raven talk about all the rules that every movie follows, and Anna has fun spoiling Raven’s favorite show!  Don’t worry, the podcast is spoiler free 😉!


Spencer Sheehan is a man on a mission!  A mission to….stop fake vanilla?  No really, it’s a thing!  Get the full story in the podcast.  (3:31)


Cookbooks are a nice gift during the holidays, but would you buy a cookbook that featured THIS as the main ingredient!?  Find out what it is in the podcast!  (7:24)


Would you eat THIS fruit with the skin still on it?  Anna and Raven did, and it may be healthy, but that doesn’t mean it tastes good!  Get the full story in the podcast.  (11:11)


If you bring food to a party, but nobody eats it, is it ok to take it back home with you?  Anna ran into this problem at a holiday party recently, and Raven definitely has some strong opinions about it!  Get the full story (and hear Anna struggle to pronounce “Charcuterie”) in the podcast!  (15:08)


The Grammy’s have been postponed due to Covid.  Not too weird considering what been going on, right?  Or is it?!  Anna and Raven share their favorite Grammy Conspiracy theories in the podcast!  (23:03)


Sometimes animals can be a little scary if they’re in a bad mood, but would you ever expect an attack from THIS little critter? Find out what it is in the podcast! (26:45)


Have you ever heard an explained noise in your house?  It’s probably just the wind.  But it could be a DEMON!  Anna shares a story about a scary noise in her house, and you won’t believe what was causing it!  Find out in the podcast!  (30:30)


Charlie slipped on ice and fell outside of their house and Becky could NOT stop laughing! She thinks it’s so funny that she wants to share the Ring camera footage on social media. Charlie however thinks it’s disrespectful because he really hurt himself. He is even on crutches for a terrible ankle sprain. She says he’s overreacting and needs to learn to laugh at himself. Whose side are you on?  (37:20)


Nikole takes on Raven for a chance at the $100 Jackpot!  Can she do it, or will a new streak begin?  (45:50)