Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021:  Wellness Wednesday; Glitter; Quarantine Matchmaking

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021: Wellness Wednesday; Glitter; Quarantine Matchmaking

If a stranger asked you how something looked on them, would you be honest?  Anna had this happen to her at Marshalls the other day, and how she reacted might surprise you!

Winning the lottery would be great right?  Right?  Well, turns out there are 5 great reasons why you shouldn’t play the lottery, and number 2 convinced Anna to never buy a ticket again!  (3:15)

Young love is a beautiful thing, but if you’re willing to spend a month in jail to go see your boyfriend do THIS, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:55)

Do you need a way to relieve stress?  Believe it or not, there’s a quick, simple thing you can do everyday to relieve stress and improve your mood!  All you have to do is THIS!  (10:21)

Has single life been getting you down?   Maureen Tara Nelson is the founder of MTN Matchmaking, and has some great tips for how to find love in a quarantine!  ((14:20)

What goes in your fridge other than food?  Are you the type of person who keeps batteries in there?  Eyeliner?  Raven has a go-to item that he always keeps in the freezer!  (18:16)

The inauguration is today!  But Anna was wondering, who helps the new President move in?  Turns out, there’s a LOT that goes into it!  (25:13)

Have you ever had a glitter horror story?  A TikTok user glitter bombed her cheating boyfriend’s apartment, and Raven thinks that she may have gone too far!  (29:06)

Carmella and Joe have been dating for a while, but Carmella is upset that Joe still sends money to his ex-girlfriend even though they’ve been broken up for two years. He says that she was always financially unstable and he’s just trying to help her out when she’s going through hard times. She says that his ex is taking advantage of his generosity and it should end. Whose side are you on?  (36:07)

Chris takes her shot at beating Raven at pop culture trivia!  Will she succeed, or will the $1,100 jackpot continue to rise?  (43:39)