Thursday, Jan 21, 2021: Organs, Songline, Roadside Treasure

Thursday, Jan 21, 2021: Organs, Songline, Roadside Treasure

When a new President starts their 1st term, the old President traditionally leaves them a note.  What would you put in a note to the next person to hold your job?  Anna and Raven read notes they wrote to their potential successors.  You won’t believe who Anna wants to take over for her!

Have you ever picked up something off the side of the road?  Anna has had a fire extinguisher in her car for years that she found on the road, but one of the callers found something that might be worth a TON of money! (3:03)

Did you know that singing at the top of your lungs can improve your mood?  Anna and Raven have a new hotline dedicated to doing just that!  Call the Anna and Raven Songline and leave a message with you singing your favorite song!  (10:43)

We all miss being able to hug people, but if you’re the type of person who hugs like THIS, that’s all I need to know about you!  (14:05)

Yesterday we had a peaceful transfer of power in the US, but did you know that animals do transfers of power too?  And they’re usually not so peaceful!  Anna and Raven talk about how different types of animals replace the person (animal?) in charge, and you won’t BELIEVE what the Clown Fish does!  (17:35)

The powerball jackpot is almost at a billion dollars!  What are your lottery superstitions? You won’t believe what Anna’s family does before playing!  (21:15)

Do you know what every organ in your body does?  Anna and Raven definitely do not!  Producer Sean gives them a quiz on what different organs do in your body, and you won’t believe what Anna thinks the Cerebellum does!  (27:55)

Danielle has been trying to lose weight and her husband Cameron is not on board.  He doesn’t want to try the healthier lifestyle and refuses to eat her “diet dinners” and has gone so far as to order Chinese and pizza for the kids at night.  Danielle thinks it’s not fair that he won’t work with her on this.  He thinks she’s being unreasonable to think all of them should be eating chicken and vegetables every night because she wants to lose ten pounds.  Whose side are you on?  (31:54)

Mary Anne thinks she has what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Will she succeed, or will the jackpot grow to $1,300?  (40:31)