Wednesday Feb 10th, 2021: Wellness Wednesday; Shred Your Ex; Leave Britney Alone

Wednesday Feb 10th, 2021: Wellness Wednesday; Shred Your Ex; Leave Britney Alone

Would you pay money to find out who’s stalking you on social media?  A new app lets you do just that, for a price!  Anna and Raven weigh the pro’s and cons, and Raven reveals just how little he knows about social media!

What if you could boost your mood, just by talking to yourself everyday?  Turns out, it’s a thing!  For Wellness Wednesday, Anna and Raven give you a quick tip to boost your mood and get your day started right!  (3:30)

Technology can be hard sometimes, but if you have to explain that your aren’t an animal while standing in front of a JUDGE, that’s all I need to know about you!  (7:29)

Leave Britney alone!  Anna is obsessed with the new Britney Spears documentary, and she thinks she has deciphered some hidden messages Britney has been posting on Instagram!  (11:19)

Do you have an ex who did you wrong?  Anna and Raven give you a chance to shred your ex on the air!  You won’t believe what Anna’s first boyfriend gave her as a breakup gift!  (19:02)

Do you have a song in your heart?  Call the Anna and Raven Sing-a-Long line and let it out!  Call 833-431-0905 and leave a voicemail of you singing your favorite song, and Anna and Raven might play it on the air!  (29:29)

For Christmas this year, Daniel bought Marta a necklace. Here’s the problem, she’s upset because after he gave it to her, he told her “this is your Christmas, birthday, and Valentine’s Day gift”. She thinks it’s nonsense that since her birthday is at the end of January that she has to get these merged gifts, especially for something she didn’t ask for! He says it cost $500! That’s enough for a years’ worth of gifts. Do you think it’s right to “merge” holidays when they fall too close together?  (32:16)

After his loss yesterday, Raven is hungry for a win!  Will a new streak begin, or does Jackie have what it takes to shut him down again?  (38:56)