Thursday, Feb 11th, 2021: Parents Swearing; Concussion Discussion; Your Song

Thursday, Feb 11th, 2021: Parents Swearing; Concussion Discussion; Your Song

Is it ok to not tell your husband about something your child did?  Anna’s two year old can be a handful, but when she did THIS to Anna’s husband’s computer, Anna wasn’t sure how to handle it!

Everyone asks what they should get their significant other for Valentine’s Day, but what should you NOT get them?  Etiquette expert Karen Thomas goes over which gifts you should avoid this Valentine’s Day!  (3:01)

Have you ever heard your parents swear?  Anna is 40 years old, and had never heard her mother swear until THIS happened!  (6:10)

It’s nice to celebrate a big win, but if you are throwing around your valuables after 1 wine cooler, that’s all I need to know about you!  (10:04)

Have you ever gotten a concussion?  Rob Gronkowski said he’s had 20 concussions in a recent interview!  Anna and Raven share their concussion stories, and it’s a miracle Anna’s still alive after her’s!  (13:02)

Everyone plans on have a romantic, exciting Valentine’s Day dinner, but in reality most people just end up ordering takeout and watching a cheesy movie.  But is that so bad?  Anna and Raven give you the top 3 things you need to have a great Valentine’s Day!  (19:49)

Have a question about your love life?  Call Anna and Raven’s Cupid Hotline!  Anna and Raven will answer your questions about romance!  (22:38)

Is you kid a biter?  Anna’s pre-teen was a very calm baby, but her toddler can be a bit of a handful!  Anna gets advice from callers about how to get her 2-year old to stop biting, but one popular piece of advice might get her in legal trouble!  (26:25)

Remember your first relationship?  What was your song?  Raven slow danced to Angel by Aerosmith, but Anna’s song had some hidden innuendo that she hadn’t noticed in her younger days!  (30:24)

Eric and Susan have dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day and Susan invited her best friend to join them. Her friend is recently divorced, going through a hard time, and Susan didn’t think it was a big deal since they’re just going to a local pub for burgers. Eric wants her to un-invite her friend because it’s Valentine’s Day and she didn’t even ask what he thought about inviting her in the first place! Whose side are you on?  (37:20)

Denise has a chance at winning $200!  All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  (44:34)